Convincing Reasons To Choose Micro BTE Hearing Aids

Posted on: 4 February 2020

Loss of hearing, to any degree, can be devastating to you since this will affect your quality of life. Fortunately, unlike in years past where it would be challenging to restore a substantial degree of hearing, the current strides in the medical industry have brought about assistive devices that will provide you with a dramatic improvement. Moreover, the advent of hearing aids coupled with ever-changing technology means you have a vast section of options to choose from, too. However, when it comes to popularity and functionality, the micro behind-the-ear hearing aids remain a top choice. Thus, if you are looking to purchase an assistive device, here are convincing reasons to choose micro BTE hearing aids.

Full control over the sound

Simply because you have lost your hearing, whether minimally or severely, does not mean that your hearing aids should always be at the highest volume. With micro BTE hearing aids, you get the opportunity to control the sound that filters through these assistive devices fully. For instance, if you are in a loud environment, such as a restaurant, and want to hear the conversation at your table, you can change the settings to suit that particular environment. The telecoil built into this type of hearing aid facilitates this change of settings. On the other hand, if you want to hear loud music irrespective of the environment, you have the flexibility to program the BTE hearing aids for that purpose.

Range of customisable options

The second convincing reason why you should choose micro BTE hearing aids for your hearing loss is the range of customisation options that are available to you. One thing you may not know about these hearing aids is that they are not exclusively functional in assisting you to hear. You could also choose to have a built-in FM system, which cancels out all background noise and allows you to solely listen to your favourite TV programme or radio station in the room. You could also opt for a direct audio input, which functions to provide you with precise clarity for conversations by eliminating background noise.

Surprising versatility

What makes micro BTE hearing aids different from most other assistive devices is that rather than being fitted into your ear canal, the BTE is mounted, as the name implies, behind your ear. This type of fitting provides you with a versatility that you may not enjoy from other types of assistive hearing devices. For example, the micro BTE hearing aids are versatile enough to be mounted onto your spectacles if you wear glasses. Contact a micro BTE hearing aid provider to learn more.


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