Hearing Aids: What Influences the Rate of Depletion of Battery Power?

Posted on: 26 October 2017

If you have begun using hearing aids to resolve your hearing problems, you will need to acquire batteries for operation. In simple terms, these medical devices have electronic components which must have electrical current for proper functionality. Typically, the power supplied by the hearing aid batteries will last relatively long. However, this consumption might change over time, and you might notice the charge depleting faster than expected. If this has been happening, it is essential to understand the depletion factors so that you will make changes where possible. Here are the most critical issues which determine the rate of hearing aid battery depletion. 

Level of Usage

The level of hearing aid usage will influence the rate of battery power consumption. In general, users of hearing aids are often encouraged to wear the medical devices during their waking hours for optimal benefits. However, the total amount of time that people will need the aids daily will be different. For instance, some people will need the hearing aids for longer hours because of their evening social habits or family interactions. This could contribute to higher charge use and depletion before the predicted time. 

Severity of Hearing Loss

Your hearing aids will require more power if greater amplification is needed. When you purchase your medical devices, you will find that the amplification level of sounds can be changed. If your hearing problems are minor, you can use the low volume settings and still capture all the sounds available. On the other hand, if the hearing loss is severe, you will need to increase the volume for ideal sound capture. As the severity of the user's problems increases, they will have to amplify the sound. This increases the amount of charge drawn, and consequently, the battery will deplete fast.

Hearing Aid Features

In the past, hearing aids were designed as pure medical devices for aiding individuals with hearing loss in capturing daily conversations and surrounding sounds. However, the advances in technology have caused other features to be incorporated into hearing aids. If you have devices with these add-ons, you will enjoy Bluetooth connectivity for direct streaming of music and TV shows. You can also answer phone calls directly using the enabled gadget. Moreover, some aids produce sounds to sooth tinnitus. Unfortunately, these features accelerate the consumption of power, leading to premature depletion.

If you are concerned about the power consumption and battery life of your hearing aids, you should consider the factors mentioned above and make changes where possible.


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