The Various Advantages of Using Compounded Medication

Posted on: 6 July 2017

Compounded medication refers to a drug that is prepared based on the prescription from a physician or doctor in order to meet patient-specific needs. The process of preparing the drug is called pharmaceutical or drug compounding, and it is widely practiced in Australia by licensed pharmacists only.

If your doctor or physician has prescribed that you need compounded medication for your particular ailment and you have never used this kind of medication, you might want to know about the advantages that it can offer. 

Here is a look at some top perks associated with compounded medication.

Can be tailored to come in a dosage form desirable for patients.

Sometimes, patients have a hard time taking drugs that are manufactured in a particular form. For example, some patients find it hard to gulp down tablets and would prefer to take their medications in some other form, like in syrup form. Or, a particular drug may have an unpleasant taste that makes a patient throw up every time they attempt to take the medications. In this case, the patient may require their medication to be flavoured differently. Compounding pharmacists make it possible for patients to take their medication in the desired form so they can have an easier time consuming it.

Safe for human consumption.

One of the major concerns most patients have when their physician or doctor prescribes compounded medication is if the medication is safe to consume. They take it that compounded drugs may not be as safe as commercially available drugs, which are acceptable universally. As mentioned earlier, compounded drugs are prepared by licensed pharmacists based on the prescription of a licensed physician or doctor. Quality standards required for the preparation of compounded medications are the same from state to state. Hence, patients do not need to worry about the safety of drugs specially prepared for them.

Can be made to reduce or minimise allergic reactions.

Some commercially sold drugs contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions in some patients. A compounding pharmacist can prepare a hypoallergenic medication by leaving out the irritating ingredient, so as to reduce or eliminate the risk of an allergic response. This way, patients do not have to incur the extra cost of buying allergy medications. 

Preparation of compounded medicine does not take place in all pharmacies because special ingredients and equipment are required. Therefore, make sure you get your dose from a pharmacist that specialises in drug compounding. 


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